BLACK chai

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BLACK chai

A lot of people seem to asume they know black tea, probably because it's the most popular and largely produced tea in the world from all the Camellia sinensis teas (e.g. green, white, oolong and pu-erh). It's popularity is mostly from tea bags and often described as having vibrant reddish-brown color with strong and typically astringent flavour profile. Loose-leaf black tea is a whole different story.   


Black tea gets its name from the dark brown color of its leaves and tea liquor indicative of the most crucial part of the manufacturing process, called the oxidation (the flavour altering/development step). This step refers to a process in which the picked leaves are carefully presses in order to mix their inherent enzymes with the abundant antioxidant content (and other ingredients), which is then left to react under controlled conditions over a specific period of time.


This beautiful biochemical fiesta multiplies complexity and varienty producing incredible flavourful profile, which is considered each tea master's signature product, i.e. their work of art.  


Therefore, do not asume you know black tea! It is scientifically incorrect to asume that :) No two black teas are the same.... but seriously try it first and if you have such tasty-cular wealth then we envy you! Please share your knowledge <3