Our presentations service(s) offer a formal and informal format of communication of meaningful and integral knowledge that covers a wide range of topics (see examples below) always tailored to the needs and interests of our clients. These topics can cover from the history, culture and global reach of Camellia Sinensis tea and it's origins and regional specialities to the relevant and contemporary regulatory guidelines, scientific and medical/clinical research on the components of tea that make it a hot topic in the improvement of human health.

We have crystallized key insights through our long standing research and exploration in accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience over our entire lives both through our professional and personal endevours as individuals, as well as part of teams and organizations we've been and still are a part of. From that base, we have applied ourselves over a number of years and have been fully involved on a macroscale in the world of tea and microscale to the smallest details of the leaf itself and its molecular constituents. We have invested, and will continue to do so with your support, in finding and making available to you premium high quality, clean, free trade, fresh and authentic tea directly imported from its natural asian source and manufactured by tea masters with centuries of tea making experience.

The goal of our work through Chai malko in research and development of presentations is to share/communicate key insights with you is intended to make these key tea insights easility available to you in a fun and understandable manner so that, if you wish, to make tea a part of your life, it can bring you maximum possbile well-being, as it has for us. The Camellia Sinensis tea leafs carry that potential for your health and well-being. We drink what we sell, we speak what we mean and do.


Example topics we have presented thus far:


- History of tea and it's origins

- The origins of the word cha

- Tea in Bulgaria, China, Japan, Russia and the USA



Example topics being developed and to be presented in the near future:


- The potential Camellia Sinensis Tea leafs have on human health and well-being