The magic of tea plant Camellia sinensis

22 August 2020 Among the about 200 species of Camellia theaceae (a family of flowering plants), only one - Camellia sinensis, is used for the production of all the more than 2000 different kinds of tea around the world! There are three special constituents of tea leaves that make this plant extraordinary: antioxidants, caffeine and L-theanine. The combination of these three components in a warm drink under the right setting and in a reasonable amount, is a natural way to enhance our health by adding a combination of goodies to help your body improve itself.

Как да си направим чаша Ч'ай?

30 July 2020 Нашата рецепта за чаша Ч'ай малко е основана на традиционния източен стил на запарване Гонг Фу Ча и стремежът ни да водим здравословен начин на живот в съвременната градска среда. Тук ще научите нашата рецепта за чаша бял и черен чай.и конкретните стъпки как да си приготвите чаша Ч'ай по източния стил на запарване.

Chai malko your immune system

22 May 2020 Hold on, what does caffeine tea has to do with the immune system? In short: the antioxidants in the tea plant Camellia sinensis in combination with a few other goodies.

What is Gong Fu Cha?

14 January 2020 "Gong Fu Cha" is a method, for preparing a cup of tea, that originated from China, the home country of the tea plant, and has, over the years, become a classic method of brewing tea leaves in the east. Gong Fu Cha can become an art, a ceremony or a ritual, but it is essentially an opportunity to enjoy the full potential of the tea and get to know its character by exploring: the shape of the leaves, the colour of the brew, the nuances of taste and aroma.

Chai Malko Cuppa

14 January 2020 The Chai malko “recipe” is based on the Eastern, ie Gong Fu Cha method and guarantees a fully authentic tea experience that combines traditional knowledge of the tea plant, modern research, ways to make tea in a modern urban environment and our commitment to a healthy way of life.

6:1 for the "free" tea

14 January 2020 In order to enjoy the full potential of tea in an actual, effortless, convenient and affordable manner, we need to give freedom to the leaves. Use quality, loose tea and give yourself and the tea leaves the needed space and time to unfold freely.

Глътка Знание

2 February 2019