Gong Fu Cha experience

Gong Fu Cha Experience is our most exclusive service. Gong Fu Cha is not just a way to make tea. It is a practice that can be compared to magic, immersion in the sacrament, touching something magical. That is why we call it "experience". This experience allows the tea master to change the world around him through his inner state, which is manifested in the interaction with water, tea, tea utensils and the attention of guests. Guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a calm state of clear consciousness and reside in the present. The Tea Master fills this ritual with special attention and meaning to any movement that makes the ceremony unforgettable and unique.


What is Gong Fu Cha?

Gong Fu Cha is the traditional Chinese method of making tea. It is prepared in small kettles with a high leaf to water ratio. This practice aims to optimally release the aroma, taste, colour and biochemical properties of the tea, and to provide a "balanced composition" that "extracts" the key essences. You can read more details here.


As a ritual, Gong Fu Cha is an experience filled with symbolism in every single action, imbued with both Chinese philosophy and legends, and subtleties of purely practical meaning. On the one hand, Gong Fu Cha can be a highly stylized orthodox action, beautiful and full of ceremony, symbolism and attention to detail. An action that will amaze you and reveal things unknown to you about tea, its history and Chinese tea culture. Gong Fu Cha can also be a complement to the peaceful social component of your life. Found time for you and you only. Third, it may be something that focuses solely on making tea leaves centered around tea as a way of life. Essentially, the tea ceremony is what you want to complete the process. This is the moment of the meeting with the moment. With full attention to tea.


What can you expect from the Gong Fu Cha experience?

In order to fully experience the tea ceremony what is needed is:

- switch your cell phones in silent mode
- attempt (with our support) to leave outward thoughts and give your full attention here and now

- refrain from making any statements or questions to the tea master until the first brew is drunk
- distance yourself from them and to spend some time watching your inner Silence
- participants in the ceremony should focus on the subtle experiences and others should be aware of that and communication may not be needed at some point
- come on an empty stomach and refrain from eating, at least until the tea master passes the continuation of the ceremony to the other guests

The ritual itself is not complicated. The Tea Master will take care of everything for you and you will be invited to enjoy the aroma and taste of the tea at every stage. An important point of tea tasting is that guests convey their sensory perceptions of each infusion. This practice is thought to keep the mind and senses alert through dedicated attention and communication. Usually, the master makes the first 2-3 stews until a uniform taste is obtained, then can offer to one of the guests to try.

Further actions are not difficult at all, the tea is already "discovered" by experienced hands and is ready to give the best that it has accumulated and preserved.


What can we expect from the Gong Fu Cha experience? 

The Gong Fu Cha experience creates a special mood, and the taste and aroma of tea allow you to have a different look at many things. You will be transported into a completely different reality, all the anxiety, noise and vanity will be left behind the door to where you are. Gong Fu Cha will allow you to relax your body and soul, to immerse yourself in the magic of the movement of tea inside you. The atmosphere of privacy, candles, delicate scents will give you relaxation and comfort after or during a stressful day/week.

Not only will this experience give you knowledge of the subtle nuances of tea, but it will also show you the spiritual calm, wisdom and ease that come with the state of "focused relaxation" that the tea ritual predisposes to. You will leave this experience well rested, inspired, with gathered strength and a new sense of clarity.


*you can order a tea experience for your vacation, corporate event, seminar, meeting and more.
*the conditions for field events are negotiated individually
*musical accompaniment for the Tea Ceremony can be arranged if desired (proper and calm music will create a wonderful background for tea tastings)
* you can receive a gift certificate for this service. (link)