Master Class

Traditional Chinese ceremony

Gong Fu Cha is an experience filled with symbolism in every single action, imbued with both Chinese philosophy and legends, and subtleties of purely practical meaning. In its traditional version, Gong Fu Cha is a highly stylized orthodox action, beautiful and full of ritualism, symbolism and attention to detail. This master class is for those of you who want to mute the outside world for a while and get back together to the soft core of our essence, immersing yourself and studying in detail the depths of a traditional Chinese ceremony. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the aesthetics of traditional utensils used in China by sipping on beautiful, authentic tea cups.


The traditional meets the modern

This master class is for all tea enthusiasts who want to learn how to make authentic cups of tea modeled after a Chinese tea ceremony in a busy urban environment, without compromising on quality. We will introduce you to the way we prepare our cup of Tea in the model of Gong Fu Cha - a process that is true to tradition but devoid of the ritual with which we usually associate a Chinese tea ceremony. You will learn our methodology on how to unlock the full potential of fresh tea leaves and maximize the health benefits of our brew using a few simple kitchen utensils. "Traditional meets the modern" is a way to acquire supernatural skills and follow the basic principles of the ancient Chinese tradition of Gong Fu Cha everywhere and at any time for a fresh cup of caffeinated tea and optimum beneficial effects on the body.

The Master Class exists in two variants that focus on different aspects of the Gong Fu Cha tradition of making tea:


I. Master Class "Traditional Chinese ceremony"

II. Master Class "The traditional meets the modern"


The Master Class is an opportunity to:

  • get acquainted with the tea culture, the social and cultural importance of tea
  • get basic knowledge of basic types of tea, their properties and benefits
  • learn the basic principles we need to follow when making tea
  • learn how to make Gong Fu Cha tea
  • learn how temperature, brewing time and the quantity and quality of tea leaves and the water we use determine the quality of the brew
  • learn about the importance of each item of tea utensils and accessories 
  • to learn how to serve Gong Fu Cha tea
  • enjoy freshly brewed premium tea and chill together

The only prerequisite for participation is to trust us and be willing to experiment - we will take care of everything else. Meeting tea is always personal and how much ritual you give to the process of making tea is your personal journey into the world of tea. Let us be your guides ; )


The master class will be especially useful for those who are just beginning to be interested in tea.

Duration: 3 hours.
Price: depends on the number of participants.*
When: by appointment

 *for an optimal experience, the maximum number of participants per master class is up to 5 people.