Chai malko Break is a catering service that offers fresh tea in your workplace or private event - opening an exhibition, new space, personal occasion, private party and more. Our tea masters prepare fresh tea on the spot, selected from our menu premium loose leaf tea utilizing the Gong Fu Cha model for all caffeine enthusiasts who know how to "chai-lax" anywhere and at any time and not compromise on quality. 


How can we make a Chail malko Break happen?

Invite us into your work/event space and we will create a Chai malko oasis where our Tea Masters will brew fresh cups of caffeine tea for you within the time you set. For example, we can visit you for 2 hours, during which anyone who wants can visit our oasis, watch how we make Gong Fu Cha tea and refresh yourselves with fresh caffeine and antioxidant rich tea.


Hey, Chai malko during work?

We at Chai malko are committed to seeking harmony in everything we create. We know that finding the time to have a peaceful beak during the workday is key to a productive and healthy workflow. After all, a wise being once said:  "rest is the basis of all activity". :) Together with you, we will discuss best ways to position the Chai malko oasis so that it becomes a recharge point without disrupting the dynamics of your space. Anyone who feels the need for caffeine refreshments can take a short tea break and bounce to our corner, where we can prepare a refreshing cup for them. And if anyone wants to share their time during their well-deserved rest with us and talk about tea, we'll be happy to chat with any enthusiasts.


What's included?

  • A visit to an address specified by you for a certain period of time
  • Setting up a Chai malko oasis recharge area for fresh tea
  • Tea masters making magic cups of tea for you utilizing the Gong Fu Cha model of preparation

To make sure the experience is as comfortable as possible, let's make a plan together on maximize the well being a Chai malko break can bring to you team(s) and prepare you an individual offer.


Important points to discuss:

the duration of our visit

Minimal time for an effetive Chai malko break should be 2 hours

| MIN 2 hours, MAX 8 hours

How many cups of tea should we prepare for you?

How many employees in your team/company would like to benefit from a Chai malko break?

How many guests are you planning to invite to your private event?

| MIN - 20 people, MAX - up to 100 people (200 cups)

*if you would like to organize Tea Party for more people, you can get inspiration from our corporate or individual offers page or contact us directly


With what kind of Chai malko Tea do you want your journey to begin?

We recommend that you choose a type of tea from our tea menu to be prepared on the spot, and depending on how strong caffeine enthusiasts your guests/staff are, count on us to guide you through the choices.

Depending on the time of day chosen for the Chai malko break, we could also discuss the inclusion of a second tea or additional service: lecture presentation on an individual assignment, corporate gifts or other - we love the challenges; )


Where is your space located?

It is possible to visit you anywhere in the country, with an extra fee for destinations outside Sofia.


After clarifying the details, expect us at the appointed time and place with our special Chai malko mobile oasis, equipped with everything you need for a full tea experience.


*If you want to know more about Gong Fu Cha, read more here