The services we offer are suitable for special occasions, teambuildings, company trainings, presentations, corporate anniversaries and large-scale corporate events, as well as for more informal ones such as tea breaks, holiday events, entertainment and other fun programs.


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"Chai malko break" is a catering service that provides support for a fresh caffeinated tea area at your workplace or during a private event - opening an exhibition, new space, personal occasion, private party and more. At a place of your chosing, our Tea Masters prepare high quality tea drinks using premium loose leaf tea using the Gong Fu Cha model for all enthusiasts who know how to relax anywhere and at any time and do not compromise on quality.

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world and as such offers many interesting topics for conversation and discussion. We can prepare a presentation for a specific event tailored to the audience and its relation with a fascinating tea topic. In addition to an interesting emphasis on a particular topic, it can also be purely practical information presented in a popular and attractive way. The focus can be placed on both the social aspects of tea drinking culture and the different traditions around the world, as well as deepening in science and exploring ways to maximize the health benefits of the tea plant beverages.

Tea tasting is your personal encounter with a freshly brewed Tea Cup a small and unique tea experience that unlocks the full potential of any tea leaf. We offer 3 types of loose leaf tea tasting from our selection of teas, which are held in a tight circle and are accompanied by a rich theoretical section on how fresh tea leaves turn into one or another type of tea in the hands of tea masters. We'll walk you through a tea infusion utilizing the Gong Fu Cha model that, with each drink, will immerse you deeper into the vast world of delicate flavours and aromas of your chosen tea.

Our master classes are structured as a useful and practical tea lecture, demonstration, tasting and practical workshop, during which everyone will have the opportunity to prepare their tea. You will learn the esentials of Gong Fu Cha tea making and learn how we can maximize the health benefits of our brew using a few simple kitchen utensils. The Master Class is offered in two formats: "Traditional Chinese Ceremony" and "The Traditional Meets the Modern", which focus on different aspects of the Gong Fu Cha tradition of preparing a cup of tea. 

The Gong Fu Cha Experience is our most exclusive offering. The Gong Fu Cha experience is not just simply a way to make tea. It is a practice that is full of symbolism in every single act, imbued with both Chinese philosophy and legends and subtleties of purely practical meaning. Guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a calm state of higher consciousness and reside in the present moment. The Tea Master fills this ritual with special attention and meaning to every movement, which makes the ceremony an unforgettable and personal experience.