Voucher - “black on white about tea”

"Black on White about Tea" is a tasting of two types of tea of ​​the same type - two types of white or two types of black tea. These tea tastings delve deeper into the world of a particular type of tea, where you will feel how the natural factors and the way tea masters handle fresh tea leaves from their picking determine not only the type of tea (white or black), but also the subtle differences between the different types of tea of ​​the same type.


As we talk about the origin, method of production and the specifics of making tea, you will be able to taste fresh Gong Fu Cha infusions from each of the two types of tea and literally taste the subtle differences between 2 black teas, for example. In short, black tea will become as clear as daylight ; )


This tasting can be conducted in one of two ways: 

1) White Tea Nepal + White Tea Prakash

2) Black Tea Nepal + Black Tea Kumari


What you could expect based on the type of tasting you would like to experience:

  • We start with a brief demonstration of the freshness of the tea - we will compare the same type of tea from our 2017 selection with the same type from 2019.
  • What follows is a tasting of 2 teas from our selection - White Tea Nepal + White Tea Prakash or Black Tea Nepal + Black Tea Kumari. You can find out more about teas in the detailed description below.
  • We'll walk you through a few consecutive infusions based on the model of the Gong Fu Cha with each of the two teas.
  • We will finish by tasting cold tea made on site from different harvests of the same tea


Contact us :


If you prefer taste solo or have any doubts whether this tasting is for you. This voucher can be a great personal experience and we can dispel all your doubts.


If you want to taste with other enthusiasts and want to have a tasting with more than 4 people. After discussing the details, we can prepare you a specific quote.


Voucher - “black on white about tea”
Duritaion: 90 minutes
Participants: MIN one | MAX upon request
When: advance reservation required
Реколта: Пролет 2019 + Есен 2019 | Мусон 2019
Валидност на ваучера: 3 месеца от датата на закупуване
Вид чай: БЯЛ Ч'ай Непал + БЯЛ Ч'ай Пракаш | ЧЕРЕН Ч'ай Непал + ЧЕРЕН Ч'ай Кумари

During this specific tasting event we will "enlighten you" with the following 2 types of the same tea from our selection:


White Tea Nepal + White Tea Prakash

We will taste the two varieties of white tea we offer, talk about how, under the same conditions - the same temperature and brewing time, we can get a completely different tea experience just because of the way the type of tea leaves and the way they are dried after picking. We will go through several consecutive short breaks with each of our two types of 2019 Spring Tea, so you can feel with your senses how a seemingly small detail can have a huge effect on the finished product and its impact on us.


Black Tea Nepal + Black Tea Kumari 

Our two types of black tea offer an exceptional opportunity for tea connoisseurs to an insight into the vast world of black teas. Each spring the evergreen tea shrub wakes up for the new season and is showered with fresh petals. Nepal's classic black tea is derived from a few of the larger fresh petals, while only gentle tea tips are used to produce Kumari. Although in both cases the fresh petals undergo the same treatment, the difference in the structure of the leaves, their ingredients and their "ripeness" are the reason for the completely different tea experience. 

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