Voucher - I don't know much about Tea

If you do not differentiate between tea and herbal infusion and you think black and white tea are different plants, this tea tasting will surpass your expectations ; )


We'll suggest tasting a few brews of our white and black tea, made using the Hong Fu Cha model, so you can literally taste the difference. We will talk about the amazing qualities of the tea plant Camellia sinensis, which are the reasons behind how this plant conquered the world and what distinguishes white from black tea. Then we will dive deep into short, sequential infusions with the two types of tea to explore together their entire profile of delicate flavours and aromas.



What you can expect from this tea tasting:

  • We'll start with a brief demonstration on the importance of the freshness of the tea - we will compare the same type of tea from our 2017 with the same type of 2019 tea.
  • What follows is a tasting of White Tea Nepal and Black Tea Nepal 2019. You can find out more about why we have selected these teas in the detailed description below.
  • We'll walk you through a few consecutive infusions based on the model of the Gong Fu Cha with each of the two teas.
  • We will end with tasting cold tea made on site from different harvests of the same tea


Contact us:


If you prefer taste solo or have any doubts whether this tasting is for you. This voucher can be a great personal experience and we can dispel all your doubts.


If you want to taste with other enthusiasts and want to have a tasting with more than 4 people. After discussing the details, we can prepare you a specific quote.


Voucher - I don't know much about Tea
Duritaion: 90 minutes
Participants: MIN one | MAX upon request
When: advance reservation required
Реколта: Мусон 2019 | Есен 2019
Валидност на ваучера: 3 месеца от датата на закупуване
Вид чай: БЯЛ Ч'ай Непал + ЧЕРЕН Ч'ай Непал

During this specific tasting event we will "enlighten you" with the following 2 types of tea from our selection:


White Tea Nepal

It is always a privilege to enjoy quality white tea - gentle but strong. The delicate tea leaves are dried in a specific way so as to preserve their structure and preserve all their healthy ingredients for a fresh and healthy cup of tea. Our white tea Nepal has a pale yellow infusion and sweet notes typical of white teas, but more intense infusion than fine white teas. This makes it well suited to the world of classic caffeinated herbs, while the senses sharpen enough to capture the more delicate notes.


Black Tea Nepal

If you have tried black tea but it is not your preferred caffeinated drink because it is "too strong" or "bitter", we challenge you to a cup of black tea. Short brews (only 10-15 seconds for the first brew) reveal the wide range of complex flavors and delicate aromas that fresh classic black tea hides. We guarantee you that with each consecutive brew you will rethink your attitude towards black tea as a completely different experience from what you're familiar with - you will have the opportunity to taste 8 consecutive saturated but well balanced and aromatic brews.


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