White Tea Prakash

Prakash is a very fine classic white tea, hand-picked and produced by the orthodox method with a lot of care and attention from Nepalese tea masters in the foothills of the Himalayas. The only procedure that the tea leaves undergo after plucking is to be very delicately dried in sunlight. In this way, spring tea tips retain their natural ingredients as naturally as possible, while the pale yellow infusions contain a large amount of antioxidants and a refreshing dose of caffeine. 

White Tea Prakash
Ingredients: 100% White tea
Origin: District Phidim, Eastern Nepal, the Foothills of the Himalayas
Altitude: 1200-2000 m
Plucking Date: April 2019
Реколта: Мусон 2019

There is no one recipe to prepare a perfect cup of tea. 


Here is one way we love to prepare our cup of White Tea Prakash, and we encourage you to experiment and discover: 


   250-350 ml


It is best to use your favourite cup of tea as a measure of volume against which to estimate the amount of leaves needed. 


   5-7 g


Generally, this means a teaspoon with a tip or at least twice the amount of the standard teaspoon is about 2 grams, which is recommended for the preparation of a cup of tea according to the western model of preparation using a single, longer infusion. For example, 2 g of tea per cup about 250 ml for a single infusion of 3 minutes. In the Eastern model, we should use at least 4 g of leaves for successive, short infusions.


   80 ℃


If you do not have a thermometer, stop heating the water when the first bubbles begin to separate from the bottom of the vessel at the very beginning of the active boiling process.


    wash the tea leaves


It is very important to "wash" the tea leaves for about 10-15 seconds before our first real brew. We use the heated (80 ℃) water for the first infusion, make a very short brew for about 10 seconds, and throw away the liquid from this so-called wash.


   first infusion 20 seconds


The first infusion of the Eastern model of short and successive infusions is ... really short: about 20 seconds for this White Tea Prakash. It is important to drain the leaves well while we wait for the next infusion so that the ingredients do not continue to extract from the leaves in the meantime.


   +15-20 seconds for every consecutive infusion, МАХ 4-6 infusions


For each subsequent infusion we add 15-20 seconds to the original 20 seconds. For example, the second infusion should be 35 seconds, the third infusion 50 seconds and so on ... You can make up to 4-6 infusions with the same leaves and finally make cold/ice tea with them.


  use the full potential of the tea leaves and make yourself a some cold/ice tea


Not everyone can, nor should drink 4 to 6 cups of white tea, 250 ml each. For example, if, after the third brew, you decide you don't want to drink more tea today and have no one to share it with, then add the leaves you used up until now in a cold water glass jar and refrigerate for 6 to 12 hours. Enjoy a different side of the White Tea Prakash ; )


 Еxperiment boldly and discover the secret to your perfect cup of tea!



How to store the tea leaves and retain the freshness?


       room temperature


       sealed airtight


       absolutely do not store in the fridge :)


       keep away from sunlight


       avoid humid environment


       avoid exposing the tea leaves near any odors especially strong ones 

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